What would your ideal pub be like?

Going out can be tricky if you’ve decided not to drink anything that night. What is there to drink? A couple of soft drinks, maybe an orange juice? Will the coffee machine still be on after 5pm if you fancy a hot drink? And will the staff make fun of you if you ask about non-alcoholic beers?

Today, we have launched an online survey to all customers of pubs and bars, to find out what they think about going out. You don’t have to be teetotal to take part either – we want to hear from everyone.


We want to find out what kinds of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks people would like to be able to order (if any)? Anything that is not so great about your local pub now? What would an ideal venue be like? What makes for a great night out?

We’d be really grateful if you could spare a couple of minutes to fill in our survey. The findings will not only tell us what people’s opinions about pubs and bars are (very interesting in itself!), they will also help us in the development of our self-assessment tool for licensed venues.

Feel free to spread the word. We will be tweeting about the survey in the next couple of week (@NudgingPubs), and will then tell you about the results on this blog in a few weeks’ time.

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