Is a 0.5% beer the healthiest thing you can drink in the pub? (apart from water)

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 10.32.21When I drank alcohol, beer was not my tipple of choice. I would marvel at friends who knew their way around a pale ale and a stout. I reserved my drink snobbery for ‘proper cider’.

But in the end it did not matter what any of us were drinking. Alcohol, regardless of the quality, does not do any of us much good, especially if your social use tips into regular hangovers that are getting you down, or it slows your progress in the gym.

One of the top reasons for people joining Club Soda is to lose weight. Cutting the calories in booze is one thing, but for many optimising the time in the gym and reducing the post binge calories are also part of the story. But often the alternatives to a beer in the pub are heavy sugar laden drinks, and whilst they leave you clear headed, they don’t help you battle the bulge.

In our quest to find something that is healthier, apart from water, we think we have found the answer. 0.5% (or less) beers are, quite simply, awesome. Why?

  • Hangover free (at 0.5% your body processes the alcohol quicker than you can drink it) 
  • No added sugar – made from just 3 ingredients (although look out for sneaky radlers and fruit beers which have added sugar)
  • Low in calories – Brew Dog’s Nanny State has 26 calories a bottle, compared to 160 in their Punk IPA.

With lots of really good non-alcoholic beers made by great breweries from across the world (you can see a great selection with the calories at we wonder why more pubs and bars don’t stock them?

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