International Beer Day 2016: 5 things you didn’t know about non-alcoholic beer


Happy International Beer Day! Today is one of our favourite days, because we love any excuse to try new and exciting types of low and no alcohol beers. After holding a number of tastings, we fancy ourselves to be fairly knowledgeable on the subject! So, to celebrate, we’ve compiled 5 fab facts that you may not know about alcohol-free beer.

It tastes better than you think

Many of our members find that it is a lot easier to quit or moderate their drinking when they can have an alcohol-free beer that tastes good and is not too sweet (fizzy pop is for kids right?). We’ve received fantastic reviews for beers like Nanny State (“buttery and herby”) and Maisels Weisse alcohol-free (“very easy to drink, sweeter and a lovely aftertaste”) at our regular 0% beer tastings. Perhaps it’s the improving quality of alcohol-free beers that is causing the rise in sales of alcohol-free drinks generally.

0% beer pairs well with food

You’ve heard of pairing food and wine, but food and beer? Many are unaware of this little-known dark art that has been brewing quietly behind the scenes. Nanny State recently made an appearance on Foodie Thursday on Radio 2 as a pairing for cauliflower steaks, with Simon Mayo declaring it “amazing”. Sweet, nutty lagers like Bavaria 0% go well with lighter foods like chicken and couscous, while the smooth, spicy Maisel Weisse is perfect with Mexican and Thai cuisines.

Britain are lagging behind Europe in “low and no” beer production

If you are going on holiday in Europe this summer, look forward to trying something new and exciting in the beer department. One of our founders recently took a trip to Finland, and was astounded by the variety and quality of the alcohol-free beers on offer. In a large supermarket, there were about fifteen different 0% beers to choose from. The rest of mainland Europe has a fine collection of non-alcoholic and lower-alcohol beers and lagers that can be found in most restaurant and shops.

Below are some holiday snaps of alcohol-free beers that our members discovered on their travels!

Holiday beer photo

Some great examples of alcohol-free beers that our members discovered on their travels

Alcohol-free beer is easier to buy than you realise

More and more pubs are stocking alcohol-free beers, to provide for their customers who want to drink less but without compromising on taste. Supermarkets are also improving, with Tesco and Waitrose regularly stocking at least Becks Blue and Nanny State. Online shops like Dry Drinker and The Alcohol Free Shop are brilliant for their mixed cases, so you can sample a range of flavours. And although many pubs and bars have their non-alcoholic beers nestled right at the bottom of the fridge (something we are trying to change!), all you have to do is ask.

It is given away at the end of marathons

There is some evidence that beer helps your body recover quicker after physical activity. And non-alcoholic beer is even better as it lacks the alcohol and the empty calories. Erdinger Alkoholfrei is brewed under the strict Bavarian Purity Law, which means it is made from only high quality, natural ingredients. It is isotonic, and contains Folic acid and vitamin B12 which supports energy-yielding metabolism, making it perfect for a post-workout drink. And it is indeed given to people after marathons. Who knew!

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