How to support ethical drinking

Berraquera is fragrant, fruity, and a great way of supporting ethical drinking

Berraquera is fragrant, fruity, and a great way of supporting ethical drinking

Ethical drinking is becoming global business. Customers are thinking more and more about the environmental and social impacts of what they are pouring into their glasses, and businesses are realising the potential profits of tapping into the market of guilt-free drinking. The ‘Fair Trade’ label has now earned a permanent spot on supermarket shelves, and research by Ethical Consumer has shown that nine out of 10 tea brands carry some kind of ethical accreditation. But what about other popular soft drinks, for pubs and bars who want to provide their customers with a variety of options from an ethical source?

This week, we tried Berraquera: a new soft drink based on Lulo, an exotic fruit from the Andes. It has an intriguing flavour somewhere between kiwi and orange, which gives the drink a floral bouquet and a pleasant green colour. However, its unique selling point is not so much its flavour (although it is delicious), but its origin.

Berraquera was created to start a ‘virtuous cycle’ that generates profits for small-holding farmers in Colombia while offering a healthy product to UK residents. Its name is derived from the Latin American word meaning courage, determination and resilience in the face of adversity. Colombia has been torn apart by conflict, and is finally on the brink of an agreement to bring peace after 50 years. Therefore, as well as providing a ‘venturous taste’, Berraquera is also a venture into stabilising the lives of the smallholding farmers caught in the turmoil.

The ‘virtuous cycle’ that Berraquera hopes to create is also a way of battling the stigma of perhaps Colombia’s most famous export: cocaine. Colombia has long been viewed as the world’s supermarket for illegal drugs, and it is still the world’s largest cocaine producer. Instead, Berraquera works to increase awareness of Colombia’s rich, vibrant, natural produce and family-run farming tradition.

For this reason, the main ingredient of Berraquera is the Lulo fruit. Lulo is one of Colombia’s most popular fruits, yet it is scarcely known in the UK. The Lulo in Berraquera is sourced from the heart of Colombia’s coffee region high up in the Andes, representing Colombia’s biodiversity. Berraquera has added value to the Lulo market, supporting local economies in Colombia and assisting rural sustainable development. This is crucial for a country where smallholder farming is increasingly under pressure from cheap imports.

So, the real selling point of Berraquera is its claim of “biodiversity for peace”. By creating a demand for Lulo cultivation, Berraquera increases the wealth of smallholding farmers and shows them a way out of the conflict that came close to destroying their nation. And it tastes pretty good too!

Learn more about Berraquera, or order it for your venue.

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