About Nudging Pubs

Nudging Pubs is the culmination of a year-long study into behaviour change and licensed venues based in Dalston in Hackney by Laura and Jussi from Club Soda.

It was funded Hackney Council last year through the Healthier Hackney Fund, and Alcohol Concern supported Club Soda to undertake the research.

We wanted to answer the question:

How can we encourage pubs and bars to be more welcoming to their customers who want to drink less alcohol or none at all?

Over the past year we have explored the question through desk research, mystery shopping, interviews, surveys, co-design workshops, and some experiments in pubs and bars.

We learnt just as much about the challenges of working in partnership with pubs and bars as we did about what factors might influence  venues’ behaviour. We concluded that it is possible to support pubs and bars (or their managers and staff) to change what they do, and just as with individuals, deploying a number of behaviour change techniques simultaneously is more likely to lead to success.

We have mapped the behaviour change techniques that would be most effective in this environment (using the Behaviour Change Taxonomy developed at University College London) and distilled these into a number of actions we feel would be effective in helping venues improve their offer to their customers wishing to drink less alcohol:

  • Demonstrate the business case for venues to improve their offer to their non-drinking customers
  • Share ideas and best practice
  • Articulate a clear understanding of expectations from industry and local authorities, and demonstrate what ‘good’ looks like
  • Reward success.

This has lead to an initial development of a new product that we will design and test over 2016/17 across Hackney. This project has now been part-funded by Hackney Council (£30k) and we are looking for match funding.



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